Tom Hine founded Capital Wealth Management in 2001 with the goal of operating an investment firm where he could develop personal and lasting relationships with his clients. He was previously employed by a national brokerage firm, and when he anticipated that the economy was headed for a decline, he decided to form his own independent firm that would allow him to proactively manage his clients' accounts in a volatile market. Tom's vision was to provide a level of individualized client service that could not be matched by larger firms.

Capital Wealth Management opened its doors in Glastonbury, Connecticut, in August 2001, and many of Tom's established clients came with him.

RS Glastonbury Office Inside

Capital Wealth Management soon reached $100 million in assets under management—a benchmark achievement in the financial services industry. Due to this success, Tom opened a second office in Wilton, Connecticut, in spring 2005.

Since its foundation, Capital Wealth Management has been committed to maintaining high ethical standards while developing and implementing sound investment planning principles. We use technology along with our financial expertise to explain and educate our clients to help them make sound financial decisions that are consistent with their goals. During volatile markets, our honest and forthright approach to communication is reassuring to our clients.

Our goal has always remained the same, regardless of the economic climate: to take a high-integrity approach to wealth management, while providing our clients with exceptional and personalized service.