Long-Term Care Insurance

You may be in good health, active, and not old enough to think about planning for a potential long-term care event. But have you thought about what a long-term care event could do to your family and your finances?

Individuals are living longer—but we are not necessarily living these years in the best of health. Although medical advances have helped increase our life expectancy, we still must face the realities of aging. A less than happy truth is that we often spend several of our last years in need of assistance with day-to-day routines. As health care expenses rise, it is important that we think about ways to protect you against the risks long-term care presents.

It is important that you consider what kind of care you will most likely need and where you would prefer to receive this kind of care. Once you have given these issues some thought, you can begin to work on a plan to ensure that you receive the style of treatment you desire.

The best time to talk about a crisis is before it happens. That's why we encourage you to have a conversation about long-term care with a financial advisor today.