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Clients with an Investor360°® login can now access tax documents—along with many other mailings—online, before they are mailed out! Clients can receive immediate e-mail notifications as soon as tax forms are available by signing up for e-delivery when they choose their paperless options. Tax forms sent by mail will be mailed 5–7 days after they have been posted online. Not only does this allow them to file their taxes without waiting for paper mailings, they can import information electronically into some tax reporting software programs.

Signing up for electronic delivery

  1. If you’d like to stop receiving these documents via regular mail, just follow these steps:
  2. Log in to Investor360°® and select Settings in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. For each account carried by NFS listed under Paperless Preferences, indicate the one e-mail address NFS should use for sending notifications that an eligible account document is available for online viewing.
  4. If there is a prefilled e-mail address showing, please verify that it is correct. If not, click in the Email Destination field and correct it.
  5. If there is no e-mail address for the selected account holder, please enter it manually by clicking in the Email Destination field.
  6. If you don’t see an account listed under Paperless Preferences, it likely is owned by someone else. If that person wants to receive paperless documents, contact us to create an ID for him/her.
  7. Check the box to indicate that you would like to receive e-notifications for all eligible account and document types, or select the specific files for which you would like to discontinue paper delivery.
  8. Read and accept the disclaimer that appears, then click Save.

After you’ve completed these steps, e-notifications will begin when the current statement cycle is complete. Once e-notification is active, just go to the Portfolio tab and click on Statements & Documents to view your information.